LoveMeter 2

A funny entertainment applet which measures how much of a stud or babe one is or how much a couple is meant to be together, based on their name. The results and skin are configurable. Results should not be taken seriously.

The applet

Java is not enabled: to solve your Java problems, please take a look at the help section of

General information

Thank you for using LoveMeter 2. We hope that you will enjoy our product.

You are allowed to use this applet on any site you own, change the HTML parameter configuration and change the pictures.
You are not allowed to alter, decompile or claim ownership of the jar or class files.

You can remove the embedded RealApplets button by registering the applet. You can register the applet for 30$ at our site RealApplets. When you register, the registered jar and class files are send to you in a zip file by email attachment within 48 hours. Replace the current jar and class files with the ones from the registered version and the link back to us and any unregistered messages will disappear. When you register you also benefit of our email support and free updates. Support does not include custom changes to our applet's source code, but it does include email support with any problems you might encounter while customizing the HTML parameters or installing the applet. Suggestions for improvements for our applets are highly appreciated and those of registered users are more likely to be implemented in the next update.

Installing the game

For a quick install, just upload all picture files, all class files, LoveMeter.jar and game.html on your webserver and link to game.html. For a integrated install, upload the same files (except game.html and the ones you 'll change) and copy the APPLET tag out of this html file completely in your webpage where you want it to display. More information about installing an applet at our installing help pages.

Personalizing the results

You can change the result tags simply by editing the HTML parameters Male1Label through Male9Label, Female1Label through Female1Label and Couple1Label through Couple1Label. The result pictures in the standard skin have a size of 190*190. They are named male1.jpg through male9.jpg, female1.jpg through female9.jpg and couple1.jpg through couple9.jpg. You can edit those directly or use new pictures (even gif files) and tell the applet to use those, with the Male1Picture etc. parameters.

Creating a different skin

You can change the applet's size easily, but for it look good, you will most likely have to adjust the skin. Changing the skin is very time consuming, but can be done by editing the HTML skin parameters and picture files. Registered users can ask me for the png source files of the standard skin's jpg files.

Automatic download of the Java plugin

It is possible to convert the normal APPLET tag configuration to a HTML configuration which will do an automatic download of Sun's latest Java plugin. This is done at the plugin page.

Help pages

For more general information on how to install and customize our applets, take a look at our help pages.

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